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BONUS CLASS at Fall Photographic Retreat in Chelan - Sept 29, 2018

Lighting a wine bottle correctly is a tricky thing.  The industry has specific ways they want their bottles photographed.  In order to get hired, stay hired, and get to do more you need to know how it's done.  Rich will teach you how to make a wine bottle shot Sexy!  He'll lay out all the tips and tricks that he's learned, we'll photograph a bottle or two together, make something really cool in camera, do the post work that the winery wants, and how to talk to the winery ownership including how to approach your next winery and make them love you, pay you, and possibly provide you with your next loan image.

A little bit about Rich:

Father of 5, grandfather of 6, husband, outdoor adventurer, and all around crazy nut.  Rich started his career in photography in 2000, working many jobs including distributing wine and writing a wine column as he and his wife Mary Ann grew their studio.  Eventually Rich was able to take the studio to a full time for profit business and left the wine sales behind.  The Breshears operate a family portrait business in Kennewick, Washington, but his work with several wineries in Washington's wine country keep him busy, and allow him to still dabble in something he loves.  

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